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My hind end thanks Koobi

"I bought the PRS Century a few months after I got my first real road bike and as I was prepping for my first 2-day 150-mile charity ride. The seat arrived two days before a 50-mile training ride. I put it on, though nervously because of my uncertainty that it would be comfortable the first time out. Five miles into the training ride I had no more trepidation. Fifty miles later I was the happiest bike rider on the ride. On this seat I don't slide, and at the end of the ride I don't have to stand up just to get butt relief. Oh, did I mention that I'm big guy? So putting all my weight onto the few square inches of any seat can be threatening, but with the PRS Century, it is a welcoming experience."
Dan M, Louisville, KY


Awesome Saddle

"After trying numerous saddles that weren't comfortable after 50 miles or so, I discovered the Au Enduro. Mine now has around 9,000 miles on it and has been through several centuries. For me, it is as comfortable at mile 100 as it is at mile 30. Unfortunately, I have completely worn out the leather on the sides of the nose, and will be purchasing another one soon. I LOVE this saddle!"
Lisa, United State


Koobi PRS Review

"After 5 years of training and competing in Ironman Triathlons I have finally ended my quest to find a decent saddle! I have been through 7 different, (very expensive) saddles and hated all of them. I've tried Sella's, Fizik's, SDG's and Vision's and none of them worked for me. I've always got off the bike after a long (6 hour plus) ride with sore sit bones or chaffed bits and had to shift constantly during the ride to get some comfort. In desperation I bought a second hand Koobi PRS and went straight out on a 5 hour ride. The best compliment I can think of is that I actually didn't think about the saddle the whole ride. It's amazing. Thankyou guys - my backside loves you all!!!"
Alan, New Zealand


Wow what a relief !

"After what I assumed was either the end of my renewed cycling lifestyle or the beggining of premature "EDS", I was forced to look for a solution. I had read about your saddles and the great reviews from your customers amd I am very pleased to say you have silenced my woes. Now I can ride all day and ..... all night, well OK, maybe not all night but I can.... for a while and that is the point. I am so glad to have purchased one of your saddles, Thanks Koobi !!"
Anonymous, Unknown


"Just a quick note to say how satisfied I am with my Koobi saddles. I'm a newcomer to road bikes and wasn't adjusting well to the seat that came with my bike. Sore butt syndrome dominated my rides. After fitting your PRS Alpha saddle I'm a different guy. 40 kilometers and I feel fine, not far I know by roady standards, but I'm only a month into road bikes. There honestly didn't even seem to be an adjustment period while the seat was broken in, it felt great from the get go. It really does make you wonder how many recreational cyclists give up simply because they didn't go to the trouble of solving their saddle issues. Absolutely thrilled with my purchase, loving the enduro I put on my mountain bike as well. Thanks again, here's to clocking up heaps of pain free miles."
Michael Morrow, New Zealand

" Your saddles are MUCH BETTER than the Specialized Body Geometry saddles. You were smart enough to curve the nose DOWN rather than stick it straight out. Along with the larger groove space, this creates more room for 'male anatomy', especially when riding bent over with hands on the 'drops' on road bikes. Good thinking! Thanks for making a better saddle for guys. I just got back from a trip which included an 80 mile bike ride. I borrowed a friend's bike which is the same as mine EXCEPT it had a Specialized Body Geometry Sport seat. What a difference. After 50 miles my butt was killing me. At the end of the ride I was standing up on the pedals to avoid sitting. I really missed my Koobi seat. "
Ron Gurney McLean, Virginia

"My compliments to the designers, the Koobi saddle is great. The improvement over my Coda SPG was enormous; no more pressure on the groin. The seat has a firmer feel, which I like, but bumps are not magnified because the force is directed to the bones rather than the soft bits. I'll be checking your site for any other innovations you come up with."
Bob Svec Socorro, New Mexico

"I just received my new Koobi SI saddle a few days ago and I am practically speechless...I mean WOW! I've been commuting over 30 miles each day to and from work for over 3 years now, have tried many many saddles, spent hundreds of dollars looking for a comfortable saddle and your Koobi Si truly delivers. (I'm a Koobi convert from a Terry Liberator saddle too -one that supposed to be comfy but doesn't measure up to your saddle.) Thanks for manufacturing a great saddle! I'm a very pleased rider and plan to tell everyone I know about your saddle(s). Thanks again, keep up the great work, and happy tailwinds!"
Scott Lynch Loveland, Colorado

"Hello Koobi! I received my Si touring saddle today and instantly rode on it for 15 miles. I can't believe this saddle isn't standard on all bikes. The comfort and fitting is exactly the way bike riding should feel like. I will be in Big Bear next week for some training and now I am really equipped with 'the right stuff.' I will definitely be adding the AU racing saddle to my arsenal. Thanks once again for making my treks far more comfortable and most importantly, enjoyable. Good job Tom and keep up the good work." 
Daniel Prall Garden Grove, California

"This is by far the best design on the market for a comfortable saddle that doesn't snag body parts! I have been XC mountain bike racing for two years, and searching for a comfortable saddle for some time. I do not hesitate to tell fellow riders about the comfort and feel of this saddle. It is easy to get off the back for descents, and the drooped nose make it easy to get back on after prints. Now comfort of my jewels is not an issue, the only soreness is in my legs. I now plan to get another Koobi AU for my road bike!"
Michael Elliott Marion, North Carolina

"I do want to say thank you for creating such a wonderful saddle cause there is no more numbness, just a smooth comfortable ride. But most of all my girlfriend thanks you the most."
Jason Sears Dallas, Texas

"Thanks for making this product and saving my ass. I have been through some saddles to find this one that has been a dream come true. I was the only one of 9 people on a 24 mile singletrack that could walk normally the next day. I have had issues for 4 months trying to find a saddle that wouldn't cause pain. The Koobi Au saddle is the one. Has no slip stitching (the lack of stitching being the cause of problems with the Terry saddle) and just enough padding to make the behind pain free. Koobi offers a 90 DAY money back guarantee if you don't like the saddle! You have nothing to lose! I know why they offer this, because THEIR saddle kicks ass!!"
Eric Andersen, Denver, Colorado

"I have been on a mission for the past three years to find the "holy grail" of bike saddles. I have tried many, returned many, and kept a few. I ordered the Koobi Si and have now put just over 500 miles (I ride a lot) since then and truly believe I have reached nirvana. This is absolutely the most comfortable, enjoyable saddle I have ridden on to date. I am completely satisfied that I have now acquired the saddle that I will ride on for many years. I am about to embark on an 800 mile cross state (North Carolina) ride in less than one month. I am looking forward to many comfortable hours and many comfortable miles on this saddle. Thank you for an incredible product."
Robbie Liles Wadesboro, North Carolina


"I used the Koobi SI during my recent 5 day, 500 mile tour of the Glacier national park area and the Canadian Rockies. The saddle was great, the best I have ever used! I look forward to outfitting my racing bikes with Koobi AU's. These saddles Rule! Thanks for great ride."
Tim Dalton Zimmerman, Minnesota

"I received my saddle about two weeks ago and have ridden it on both my Mountain bike and road bike as well as in a spin class. I LOVE IT!!! I went to Mt. Snow, Vermont and rode the mountains all day and it was just as good from start to finish. I will be racing in the NORBA National Finals at the end of August and will be using your saddle and talking it up as I have had many questions about it. Thanks for a great product and hope to see you at Mt. Snow, Vermont. Happy riding!"
Chris DiMascola Palmer, Massachusetts

"Thanks for developing a saddle that makes cycling a more comfortable experience. I will sing the praises of your product to all my cycling buddies."
James Glynn Scottsdale, Arizona

"I have been looking for a seat that would not only give a female friendly ride but in all honesty, also look good. This seat has definitely delivered! And what a ride! Two races back to back last weekend and I felt no pain, at least in one region of my body. Despite the pounding, the bumping, the grinding, no pain. Ride on racers. I am telling all my friends about this seat, male and female. No chamois butter required! I couldn't be happier and hope to use these seats in my spinning classes. The possibilities of miles are endless. Why am I just sitting here?"
Marci Titus Madison, Wisconsin

"Dear Koobi people, I just want to tell you how much I love my koobi saddle. I am 53 years old, 118lbs, and don't have a whole lot of meat on my seat bones! A 25 mile off-road ride used to be a real 'pain,' but now I can double it and know I will be pain-free at the end. I have tried several seats, including those 'made for women' that are sanctioned by top women mountain bikers, and thought they were terrible. They were more uncomfortable than my old hard 'made for a man' seat. My biking buddy couldn't believe how energetic I was after our last long ride, while he was groaning and nursing his sore butt! So I have just ordered him an Au for Christmas. Thank you koobi, I love you, and you look great on my bike too."
Maureen Hayden Orlando, Florida

"Just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying the saddle. I have almost 600 miles on it and it looks brand new and is as comfortable ever. I still can't believe the difference! I also am extremely pleased with the overall design aesthetics - it's not flat across the length and the back is rounded like a traditional saddle. I have yet to see anything that comes even close in style. I have recommended it to everyone. Keep up the good work!"
Ian Macartney, East Grand Rapids, Michigan

"I have put 290 miles on the bike in the last 10 days and the saddle has really covered up the frames' faults. The saddle will be going on one of my other bikes as soon as I get it back from the shop, meanwhile I am placing an order at the website for two more... this saddle has shown me that comfort and performance can be built into a bike saddle."
John Collins Matthews, North Carolina

"Hey! I got the saddle today and this thing really kicks arse. This is probably the best and most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden. Thanks, and keep up the great work."
Yasushi Katsumi, Charlottesville, Virginia

"I recently bought one of your saddles and I want to tell you how much I like it. Your ergonomic design is much more comfortable than the Selle Flight I normally ride with, and it doesn't impede my riding style. I've tried some of the other new ergo style saddles my friends have, and I must say that your product smokes 'em all. One happy customer."
Sam Hull, Richfield, Utah

"Your seat is the most comfortable seat I've ever used. Not only is the design perfect, the amount of padding is optimal. I experienced no numbness while riding. My family jewels and I thank you."
James Gupton, Loveland, Colorado

"The (Koobi) Splitfit was my favorite (compared to the Specialized Body Geometry, Bontrager Race Day, and Terry Liberator). The workmanship was great, the padding perfect -plush, but not eliminated numbness."
Sports Afield Winter, 1999-2000

"After riding on the KOOBI SI for a number of weeks now I can say that the boys are pleased with the switch from the Avocet. The KOOBI's unique design is much more than gimmick as it provides padding where padding is needed and openings where those are needed as well. The three years of trial and error it took to come up with this product were well worth the effort."
Silent Sports November, 1999