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Koobi Team on an Indoor Cycling Ride
Koobi Team on an Indoor Cycling Ride

As Christmas approaches, it’s indoor cycling time! This winter consider “group” rides to create a break from the monotony of riding alone and help maintain friendships with your cycling buddies.  Here are some tips from the Koobi cycling staff on creating effective indoor group rides this holiday season:


  • Set a time range like 7 -10 am on Saturdays that allows for a range of different start times. That way, early birds can come at 7 am and ride as much or little as they want and late sleepers can show up around 8 or 9 am and jump in without causing the ride to fall apart.
  • Forget workout videos.  They’re a great way to stay motivated when you’re riding by yourself, but it’s hard to work a training video into a group ride where riders are coming and going at different times.  Better to put in a movie that everyone likes and run it for the duration of the workout.
  • Take the opportunity to invite a broad range of cycling fitness levels.  One of the best reasons to do an indoor group ride is that it gives you a chance to ride with friends whose difference in ability would keep them from riding together otherwise.  The beauty of stationary group rides is that you can put a guy that pounds like Lance next to an absolute beginner and both can still get a good ride and enjoy their workouts.
  • Set a fixed time and location to meet every week.  Although there’s always the risk that the person hosting the rides will get burned out, the added advantage in simplicity well outweighs this risk- it’s much easier to coordinate with a large group when everybody knows they’ll be meeting in the same location every week.  Make sure you meet somewhere that’s easy (or at least equally difficult) for everyone to get to and take advantage of the fixed location to store equipment, such as bicycle stands, at that location if possible.  That said, if you can’t set a fixed location, make sure to rotate among locations throughout your geographic area.  Nobody likes to make an excessive commute for a ride they could be doing at home anyway, so as long as you can’t meet in the same place make sure to try to switch locations so that if you use a location that’s inconvenient for one half of your group one week, meet in a place that’s convenient for them the next week and drive a little farther yourself.

There you are, consider setting up an indoor group ride for January or February and have a great indoor season!