How to Choose a Bike Saddle

How to Choose a Bike Saddle from Koobi


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How to read this chart for picking a bike saddle from Koobi


Picking a bike saddle is a function of two things. Your weight and how much you ride your bike during an average week. You should take your combined total number of hours riding from all forms of riding including, road, mountain, indoor and stationary riding for the week.


Look at the chart above, pick out where you are on the chart and choose a saddle. Koobi makes it that simple.


Calculating how many hours

Many riders don't think in terms of hours but miles. So simply take the number of miles your ride per week and divide it by your average speed you ride at.


Calculating the number of hours riding per week


What Bike Saddle Should You Choose?


Soft Padded Saddle

SI Classic Gel


Medium Padded Saddle

AU Enduro or PRS Enduro


Med/Firm Padded Saddle

PRS Century


Firm Padded Saddle

Xenon or PRS Alpha