Koobi AU Enduro
The endurance saddle. Beautifully styled but built to last. Kevlar edgeing with 20% more padding than the Xenon. Mang rails. Only 259 grams. Medium padding. 155 mm width Reg: $129.95
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Is it a Race-horse or a Work-horse? You decide. We increased the volume of padding by 20% and reduced the density of the padding by 18% as compared to the firm-rated Xenon. The medium padded AU Enduro bridges the gap between a touring saddle and a lightweight racing saddle. Ideal for riders cycling 3-6 hours per week .  Add lightweight Mang rails and it weighs in at 259 grams. Koobi’s patented Splitfit Technology ensures comfort and adds a new streamlined shape, including a thinner nose. Made in Italy, the AU Enduro offers the same high-quality workmanship and style as the Xenon.

AU Enduro - Mang Rail - 259 grams   - 155 mm width - $129.95
AU Endruo - FeC   Rail  - 299 Grams - 155mm width  -$99.95
AU Enduro Gel -  Mang rail -279 grams - 155mm width - $129.95
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Koobi Bike Saddle Reviews

(8880 Ratings, 26 Reviews) Average Rating:
Best saddle I could wish for or recommend
Troy Junge (Melbourne, Australia) 7/26/2012 5:13 AM
I have had this saddle on my commuter cyclocross bike for 4 years now. The design and craftsmanship makes it one of my best value purchases for this bike or EVER. This is a quality product, the cover is hard wearing, the rails are spot on, and the width and padding are perfectly designed for me as a daily rider. I must have done 20,000Km's on this saddle so far. I will upgrade to the PRS version one day to satisfy my curiosity, I won't need to consider another brand. Well done Koobi.
Best upgrade regardless of cost
John Baseley (Australia) 9/10/2011 9:23 PM
We spend hundreds, sometimes thousands on our cycle gear - but as we all know it comes down to Ourselves on how fast we go. How fast depends on how fit we are and how COMFORTABLE we are - this saddle stands out from many other manufacturers that put fashion over function as their main marketing edge - saved 50 gramms ?? So what !! Recommended this saddle to other friends, but unfortunately (For them) they purchased the more expensive option that LOOKED better on the bike when sitting at the coffee shop....poor them.
Needs better cover
Rob (Raleigh, NC) 8/6/2011 7:14 AM
Please, please, please consider making these saddles available with a synthetic cover such as Lorica. The leather wears through before the saddle is worn out. The saddles fit great but the cover does not last.
Best Saddle Ever!
Andrea (Maryland) 1/30/2011 5:50 PM
I had tried about 5 different saddles and this is the only one that felt great on my first ride. After about a couple of more rides I knew this was the one for me, what a relief to finally be able to ride without discomfort. I have about 7000 mi on it now and love it. It also is important to pair it with the right shorts, a personal decision. Please don't stop making it!!
Love the saddle!
Marko (Philadelphia) 12/31/2010 1:51 PM
I purchased the saddle a month or so ago and just did my first outdoor ride (20 miles) after 3-4 weeks of pedaling on my indoor trainer. My sit bones did need 2 or 3 training rides to adjust, but now it feels as comfortable as ever with no numbness!!!!!! I was really getting tired of having to stop and stretch after 15-20 miles to get the feeling back in my "package." I have some longer rides planned for next year and am really glad that I found a saddle that will make the rides much more comfortable.