PRS Alpha
Our ultimate distance saddle. For cyclists riding over 6 hours/week & are accustomed to a firm saddle. Custom built. Titanium rails. 299 grams. Women's Model Available. Firm padding. 146 mm width.
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Our ultimate distance saddle features breakthrough "tunable suspension." Below the sleek cover and firm padding is our state of the art "tunable suspension." This simple to tune, light weight suspension uses proven elastomer spring technology, allowing the rider to tune the suspension to their personal preference.

 When a traditional saddle encounters road bumps ,the foam compresses, the base flexes and the rails flex. The limitation of this dated design is "one size fits all." Actually the "one size fits all" is for a 220 lb. person. The greater your weight varies from  220 lbs. the stiffer the ride. Manufactures compensate for this stiffness by building with ever softer foam, which has a tendency to collapse during a ride. The rate of collapse is based on the riders weight, the density of the foam, the length of the ride and the age of the saddle. By building a saddle that gains comfort from a base that is correctly tuned to the riders weight, the limitations of collapsing foam is avoided. Koobi does offer the PRS Century, and PRS Enduro with softer foam.

 On a glass smooth road, what you feel is the firmness and shape of the saddle. As roughness is encountered, the elastomer suspension absorbs the bumps energy, reducing fatigue to your sit bones, lower back, shoulders and neck. Width of 146 mm (5 3/4").Firm padding , Titanium rail, 294g, women's model available. For the cyclist consistently riding over 6 hours per week.

 PRS Alpha has an exceptionally durable cover, requiring 30 hour break in.

 Each saddle comes with 1 of 5 sets of elastomer springs: extra soft (white), soft (yellow), medium (red), firm (blue)extra firm (black) offering up to 4/10 inch of travel. Koobi custom builds each order, installing the correct elastomer for your weight.

 PRS Alpha Titanium rail. 294 grams. $249.95 .
 PRS Alpha Mang rail. 314 grams and 10 % stronger . Riders exceeding 200 lbs are encouraged to select this rail.$219.95

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Koobi Bike Saddle Reviews

(84 Ratings, 16 Reviews) Average Rating:
Poor Customer Service
monsteruser40 (Denver) 8/13/2014 11:09 PM
I have been very happy with my saddle for the past two years. Then the three screws that holds the rail to the saddle broke. I suspect after one broke the other two could not handle the stress and within a few days all three screws cracked. I called customer service and was met with disappointing result. I was told that since the saddle was out of warranty there was nothing that they could do. While I do understand limits of warranty, this in my opinion is a clear defect in design and I believe should have been covered. Koobi response: For several years we have been selling PRS saddles , thousands have been sold. To our knowledge this is the only time this has occurred. A problem on this small a scale does not represent a design defect. Stu called and requested us replace his saddle. Since it was at least a couple of years old and out of warranty we offered significant discount on a new saddle .Which he declined . He also declined to send us the saddle so we could examine it and diagnose the problem. We suspect the saddle was damaged in a fall .
Came back to Koobi
John (Minnesota) 8/21/2013 9:58 PM
I had tried an Alpha PRS on my bike several years ago but didn't spend the necessary time to break in the leather and put it on my mountain bike instead. I then replaced the saddle with a Fizik Versus version that worked fine for a couple of years, but I found that on long rides, the foam seemed to compress and it became very uncomfortable. I also, as I increased my mileage this year, discovered some numbness and discomfort where there shouldn't be any. So, I took the Alpha off of my MTB and re-installed it on my road bike. Instantly, after the suffering I've been through the last few weeks, I knew that this would be the fix - and it was. Several hundred miles later and some long rides, the saddle feels as great at the end of the ride as it did at the beginning. This is just a great saddle. I can't believe that I let is sit on my MTB all the while I was having these issues. One thing I found was that I'm very sensitive to seat fore and aft angle. I'd recommend looking at the Fizik Cyrano seat post that allow infinite *repeatable* adjustment to allow you to dial it in. There is a separate adjustment for the seat angle and the seat fore and aft position. It's perfect for dialing in the seat fit. My wife has an AU Enduro PRS and while it works great for her, it's not great for me. The foam is too soft but I'm a big guy and I think that I compress it too much in a long ride. I'd have to think that it's better to go firmer than it is to go softer. I've since ordered the newer version of the Alpha made from Lorica instead of leather for my cyclocross/adventur e bike. Big thanks to Phil for all his help and advice.
The Alpha is a great saddle
Carl Harsch (Medford OR) 4/28/2013 8:40 AM
I started off with a Century saddle and, while the saddle shape fit well, I didn't care much for the cloth stitching. Decided to give the Alpha a try and I'm very glad that I did that. The seat fits well, rides well, and provides great support throughout the ride. The company provides great support. If you spend some time in the saddle, the Alpha is worth a try! I'll be riding mine!
PRS Alpha
ian Turner (Bradenton, FL) 9/24/2012 9:26 PM
After ten years of enduring the saddle that my USPS Trek 5200 was sold with in 2001 I had to try something different. I have several road bikes and cycle approximately 400 miles a month. Phil Schweitzer suggest I try the Koobi Alpha it arrived in a few days and was very finally crafted. After mounting it I noticed level was not its best position I need several degrees down in the front. 1st ride was 20 miles no pain and this was ride # 1. 2nd ride was half a century and I was in no pain. Bumpy roads are soaked up by the PRS system. I highly recommend this saddle.
Road rider
Phil Kennedy (Michigan) 7/17/2012 8:42 AM
Just put the PRS Alpha on my bike and it took all of five minutes to realize this was a winner. The hardest adjustment was putting my weight on the seat, as before I was subconsciously holding my weight off with my arms. 35 miles later my butt felt just as fine as at the start! Will be ordering a second one for my backup bike.