PRS Enduro
Combines the highly successful Au Enduro with the PRS technology. Ideal for cyclists riding 3-6 hours per week. Custom built. 319 grams. Women's model available. Medium padding. 150 mm width Reg: $249.95
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Koobi brings breakthrough tunable suspension to the hugely popular AU Enduro. By combining the medium padded Au Enduro with PRS technology, the applications of this saddle are limitless: Road, off-road, cyclecross and even tri cyclists will benefit from this saddle. Women will find this saddle's tunability outstanding given their unique body types. Available in black/gray with Kevlar edge. Width is 150 mm (5 7/8").For cyclist riding 3-6 hours week. Durable medium thick leather cover requires 15 hour break in.
Our PRS line of saddles feature breakthrough "tunable suspension." Below the cover and padding is our state of the art "tunable suspension." The Koobi PRS line of saddles are easily customizable to your personal riding style using elastomer spring technology.

Each saddle comes with 1 of 5 sets of elastomer springs: extra soft (white), soft (yellow), medium (red), firm (blue)and very firm (black) offering up to 4/10 inch of travel.

The PRS - Enduro is available in the following models:

Saddle Rails Weight Width Price
PRS - Enduro Manganese Rail 319 g 148 mm $219.95
PRS - Enduro Ti Alloy Rail 297 g 148 mm $249.95
Women's PRS - Enduro Manganese Rail 319 g 148 mm $219.95
Women's PRS - Enduro Ti Alloy Rail 297 g 148 mm $249.95

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Koobi Bike Saddle Reviews

(54 Ratings, 12 Reviews) Average Rating:
M Sostar (Middletown,Pa) 9/29/2012 1:06 PM
After debating with myself and trying many different saddles I finally purchased the ENDURO PRS. Some people told me I should have a smaller width on the saddle and after talking to a tech @ KOOBI they suggested the AU ENDURE @155mm wide. Well I figured I know best and chose this WOW The Best Seat Ever. FYI I am 5'11" 225lbs with a 36 inch waist bigger guy if that helps anybody.. Thanks KOOBI
Like a fine wine, it just keeps getting better.
John (Lakewood CO) 9/21/2012 9:39 AM
I will start with the short list, I don't like that the elastomers sometimes squeaks when they are new but that goes away with time. The cover is very porous and breaths really well, it also acts like a sponge if you drive very far in the rain. I would like to see a seat cover for long drives through the elements. I also didn’t like the price tag. Now that the saddle is so much better I need to upgrade my shorts to be able to go the distance. The quality, top notch. The seat cover which I already touched on, very breathable. The PRS system, I like it but on a full suspension bike it may be over kill but it does soften those square edged bumps slightly. I like a flat saddle that is easy to move around on, This saddle starts out pretty flat and as it breaks in, it stays pretty flat but more supple. This saddle stays flat from nose to tail as well as side to side, the flex in the PRS system does allow the saddle to slightly rock with you in some situations and I find that helpful in some technical sections trying to keep my balance. I also like a medium firmness saddle, the padding is a high quality foam (or what ever they use) and it can take some time to break in, more then you think. It took me about 15-20 hours to get it past the “I don’t know about this stage”, Once past it every ride got better. I’m now in my “I love this saddle stage”. I just finished Seg 6 it took about 7 hours with a little more then 5 peddling. The saddle interface was not the tired part. Now to the relief area, It is more comfortable then some of the other saddles I have used even when on the tip of the nose. Granted I’m only there for 5-10 minutes at a time but it is as comfortable as you could want. In fact I can’t even tell there is a cut out at the nose when riding. I originally ordered the Omega PRS and found that to be too firm for me. Koobi customer service is great with getting you the best fit. Sorry it is choppy, had to cut it short.
It's the one - great help from Phil Schweizer / Koobi
Armin Tata (Au Gres, MI) 9/12/2012 7:17 PM
I called up, and Phil answered the phone. I was thinking of two different saddles, but he suggested and steered me to try the PRS Enduro. I have a new 2013 1.2 Trek, and though I had ridden 50 milers with their seat, my hind end, I felt was tender. Phil asked about my age (71), weight (170), miles per week, and my condition. And I told him about my sit-bone measurement, etc. Well even though the saddle will need more breaking in, and seemed even a little stiffer than the OEM, "WOW", it felt great on my first 25 mile ride. I've ridden about 150 miles on it now, and I'm very happy. I think it will even get better in time. Thanks Phil for your help, and caring. Armin
PRS Enduro Review
Tom Taylor (Oceanside, CA) 7/29/2012 11:21 PM
I have been a fan of Koobi saddles for 12 years now so when I built up a new single speed hardtail mountain bike I decided to try the PRS Enduro. My third Koobi saddle. I can sum up my opinion of this new saddle with one word...Wow! This saddle does a great job of taking the rough edge off of trail impact and remains comfortable throughout the ride. My riding buddy behind me said he can see the PRS working. However, I could not feel any particular movement so the system seems to work very nicely. I highly recommend this saddle for any hardtail mountain bike.
Avid Cyclist
Matt Sobolewski (Greenwood, AR) 7/19/2011 1:20 PM
I just completed a mountain bike trek from Durango CO to Moab UT via the San Juan Hut System (highly recommended) which is 215 miles of Forest Service roads, Jeep trails and single track; and I did it riding the PRS Enduro. We experienced cool temps and rain in the high country and scorching heat in the canyon country and the saddle remained comfortable. We did epic vertical (both up and down) and the saddle remained comfortable. So after training all spring (wettest May on record, and then the hotest June on record), and then pulling off this demanding ride, I can say with confidence that the Koobi PRS Enduro is an excellent saddle. And it still looks like new. Also, for all you big guys who have had a hard time finding a saddle: I am 6'6" and hit this trail at 260 lbs, so if this saddle could work for me, you may find it a good fit for you also. I trained all spring, and made this epic ride without chaffing, rashes, or saddles sores of any kind. And a definite plus was that I had no problems with any of the sensitive tissues down in the nether regions either. Set it dead level, get your fore/aft adjustment right, and you should quickly find a "sweet spot" for this saddle where you will never have to mess with it again. Great quality, great "no-risk" trial policy, and a fair price make this one excellent saddle. Thanks Koobi! Regards, Matt Sobolewski Greenwood, AR