Koobi Bike Saddles

PRS Alpha
Your Price: $229.95
Our ultimate distance saddle. For cyclists riding over 6 hours/week & are accustomed to a firm saddle. Custom built. Ti Alloy rails. 294 grams. Women's Model Available. Firm padding. 146 mm width.
PRS Century
Your Price: $229.95
This saddle is ideal for cyclists who aspire to ride more than 6 hours per week and are not conditioned to a firm saddle. Custom built. Ti Alloy rails. 294 grams. Women's Model Available. Firm less 10% padding. 146 mm width.
PRS Enduro
Your Price: $199.95
Combines the highly successful Au Enduro with the PRS technology. Ideal for cyclists riding 3-6 hours per week. Custom built. 319 grams. Women's model available. Medium padding. 148 mm width Reg: $199.95
Koobi Xenon
Your Price: $159.95
Lightweight, high performance saddle with exquisite styling. Available in black Italian leather. Ti Alloy or Manganese rails. 240 grams. Firm padding. 153 mm width Reg: $159.95
Koobi AU Enduro
Your Price: $129.95
Sale Price: $97.46
You Save: $32.49 (25 %)
The endurance saddle. Beautifully styled but built to last. Leather and Kevlar with 20% more padding than the Xenon. Manganese rails. Only 259 grams. Medium padding. 155 mm width Reg: $129.95
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Koobi SI Classic Gel
Your Price: $89.95
Koobi's upgraded SI is now the SI Classic Gel with added Gel comfort. Genuine Leather, generous relief area.FeC railssoft + Gel padding 339 grams. 160 mm Reg: $89.95
Your Price: $199.95
NEW 232T,for triathetes coming from a running,swimming or general fitness background.Shortest in class 232 mm length,integrated hydration module.232mm length,Ti rail,249 gr, Med padding, 140mm width Reg: $199.95
Your Price: $259.95
The PRS TRI-T1 combines the TRI saddle with PRS technology.For athletes who prefer generous padding & relief area + PRS tech. Custom built. Ti Alloy rails. 318grams. Women's Model Available. med+gel padding. 148 mm width.
TRI and TRI Stratus
Your Price: $199.95
TRI & TRI Stratus for the triathlete preferring a traditional road saddle shape.TRI: 259 grams. Med +gel padding. 155 mm width. TRI Stratus: 289 grams Soft + gel padding 160mm width Reg: $199.95
Koobi Indoor Cycling Saddle
Your Price: $129.95
Koobi has created two saddles that meet the unique demands of indoor cycling. Reg. $129.95