Koobi PRS Suspension Saddle
Elastomers in Three Flavors

Key Features: It has the signature features of other Koobi Saddles (a split up the center, contoured saddle foam, smooth stitching, a choice of rail material and a molded base), but the Personal Ride Saddle (PRS) offers something more. Located at the rear of each seat rail are cups that hold elastomer bumpers. These bumpers (available in three densities) suspend the saddle above the seat rails to give the PRS added cushion. The PRS sells for $119. You can find out who sells them near you by calling (877) 743-3566.

How it worked: Swapping elastomers is simple (the trick is to use a dab of shampoo on the elastomers to slip them into place) and needs be done at your workshop, not on the trail (you need to remove five small screws to release the seat rails and this is easier to do if the seat is removed from the seat post). The best performance feature of the PRS is that you don't feel it working! The saddle isn't squirming around beneath you. And there is no side-to-side or fore-to-aft play (and this is with the least-dense elastomers). The PRS doesn't attempt to remove harsh hits with inches of travel (we are talking millimeters here), it simple does a neat job of deadening them.

You will find that the two plastic covers (used to position, lock and cover the rear mounting bolts) become dog-eared after they've been removed a few times. That is the only gripe we could come up with.