PRS Century

This saddle is ideal for cyclists who aspire to ride more than 6 hours per week and are not conditioned to a firm saddle. Custom built. Titanium rails. <font color = "blue">299 grams. Women's Model Available. <u>Firm less 10% padding.</u> 146 mm width.</

Koobi Bike Saddle Reviews

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Finally, relief
Mark Miller (SF Bay Area, CA) 11/1/2012 12:14 PM
Last year over time I developed intense pain on my left sit bone after about 15 miles into my rides. I was using a saddle style I've had on all my bikes for over 5 years and suddenly I was more worried about the saddle than the ride. Turns out my physiology has changed (I'm 58, 6'-2" and 200 lbs) and I needed a saddle to accomodate that. I found Koobi, read the reviews and purchased the PRS Century. I've used it for five months and over 1000 miles, and I can say it's the best saddle I've ever had. So much so that I'm ready to fit out two more bikes with the Century saddle. I will recommend Koobi to anyone - it brought me relief and let me enjoy riding again.
holy grail of saddles
Greg (N Minnesota) 10/19/2012 10:08 AM
I've done 1500 miles since I changed to this saddle in mid July. It's firm enough for long rides and tours. The best feature is the elastomer inserts that take the edge off of road buzz when riding a stiff carbon frame. You really notice it when riding on chip and seal. If you ride more than 6 hrs a week you need a firmer saddle. Phil and Co are very knowledgeable - their recommendations are spot on, and their customer service 5 star.
PRS Century......initial review and thoughts
Reece (Toowoomba, Australia) 6/17/2012 6:16 AM
I am a cycling enthusiast and average over 100+ kms per week. The stock seat on my road bike was killing me on rides over 50kms duration. I researched the saddle market extensively to find a replacement and found Koobi. I couldn't find many useful reviews for their products, but based on those I could find, I purchased a PRS Century. The return policy really influenced my decision. What have you got to loose? I wasn't initially impressed with the PRS Century. It didn't feel markedly different or more comfortable than my stock Selle Italia SL it replaced. About 400kms later it's a different story though, the saddle is much more forgiving and my anatomy is far more tolerant of this new saddle. It's fair to say that I no longer suffer any major discomfort on rides of 75km duration. Past this I do start to think about shifting my weight around to mix it up but it's much better than before in terms of comfort. Overall I'm quite pleased with this saddle. I suspect that it may get even better over time. Logic would suggest this means there is some break in period that you'll have to endure but it's not onerous. Build quality appears to be excellent. It's also quite asthetically pleasing. Don't let the weight of the saddle put you off, an extra 100 grams is nothing. The additional comfort it provides is well worth it. I do hope this review has been useful to you in your quest to find a comfortable saddle. Don't forget to post a review! Safe riding.
Awesome Saddle
Ken Kimble (Beaufort SC) 9/1/2011 12:06 PM
Recently purchase a new road bike and found after about 2 hours in the saddle, things became rather uncomfortable and I focused more on the saddle pain than riding. I was reminded of a quote from a bike forum that said "If you're not comfortable, you won't ride". Started the search for a new saddle and decided to give the Koobi PRS Century a try based upon posted reviews. I have to agree with one Koobie review I read that stated that the difference could be felt on the first ride. I was thinking that I would have to give the PRS Century at least a hundred miles or so for a break-in before I could render an honest opinion. I was wrong. No pain from the very first ride! Couldn't agree with the other Koobie reviews in that I can now focus on other aspects of riding other than the pain experienced from the stock saddle. Awesome technology and extremely comfortable ride. Worth every penny paid for!!
Koobi PRS-Alpha not bad to start
James Hill (Sarasota,Fla) 12/4/2010 5:24 PM
First things first,I was able to call with some concerns and somebody pickup on the second ring off to a good start.So far I have only ridden for 2 or 3 hours and the first thing I notice was know chafing on the inner thigh and I had know severe butt pain which causes you to do a lot of standing when riding.The review is still out but the seat is off to a great start.
Great Saddle!
Bill Cunningham (Charlotte, NC USA) 10/18/2010 4:17 PM
My bike came with a Prologo Kappa Pas saddle. The Koobi Century is firmer, but somehow more comfortable on long rides. It's like a soft bed vs firm bed - softer is not necessarily better. The Koobi has comfort and support, without being too hard or too soft. It's hard to put into words. You'll have to ride one to experience it for yourself!
Matt Roane (WNC) 6/23/2010 7:55 AM
I have riden my PRS Century for around 3 years now, I've been very happy with it. The greatest compliment I can give it is that I never think about it! Of all the components on my bike, this saddle never enters my mind. I've riden centuries, tri's, and lots of training rides; this saddle has performed well at all of them, and held up better than other saddles I've had. It came set up w/the red elastomers, they seem to work well for me at 6'3" and 180lbs.
Cure for the dreaded E.D.
Ken Duckett (Australia) 4/27/2010 6:04 AM
I purchased my PRS Century after consultation with the Koobi staff with regard to a developing E.D. problem I was experiencing with the saddle supplied on my harsh riding aluminium framed road bicycle. I chose the PRS Century because of the in-built suspension elastomers and the cut-out design. The PRS Century was completely successful with regard to the harsh ride of my bike but far less successful with the E.D. problem. I persisted with the PRS Century for many months all the while seeking medical cures for my cycling related health issues until I reached a point that I could no longer continue to ride. I also tried several unconventional saddles at this time with no success. Eventually I walked into a shop with the intention of buying new nicks to replace my old ones, worth a try I thought, the salesman listened with interest and then lent me his own firm, flat and hard conventional saddle to try. It was instant success, my E.D. problem disappeared completely, this saddle was quite expensive but with its titanium rails provided a ride equivalent to the PRS without the health issues. I can only conclude that the soft gel in the PRS is incompatible with my physiology and the somewhat sharp edges along the cutout also aggravated the nerves and blood vessels in the perennial area. The PRS Century while providing a smooth ride at a reasonable price failed to address the E.D. problem that I purchased it for.
My hind end thanks Koobi
Dan M (Louisville, KY) 3/30/2010 7:56 AM
I bought the PRS Century a few months after I got my first real road bike and as I was prepping for my first 2-day 150-mile charity ride. The seat arrived two days before a 50-mile training ride. I put it on, though nervously because of my uncertainty that it would be comfortable the first time out. Five miles into the training ride I had no more trepidation. Fifty miles later I was the happiest bike rider on the ride. On this seat I don't slide, and at the end of the ride I don't have to stand up just to get butt relief. Oh, did I mention that I'm big guy? So putting all my weight onto the few square inches of any seat can be threatening, but with the PRS Century, it is a welcoming experience.
About that seam....
Greg Rice (Los Angeles) 2/16/2010 1:18 PM
I really wanted to give this saddle a 5 star rating, but after 1200 miles it's in a box under my workbench, and my Specialized Avatar is back on my road bike. I think Koobi's customer service is great, and the PRS system really does make for a smoother ride. Unfortunately, the seam between the leather on the nose and fabric on the rear of the seat is a major irritant, causing a nasty saddle sore that I was never able to get to heal in 3 months of trying.... until I went back to my old saddle. It cleared up in a week. I'm not sure if there is a defect in the sewing of that seam, or if the placement was just wrong for me, as clearly this saddle works for many people. The width, shape, and padding were all great, and my first ride was very comfortable, but after one long ride, the pain and irritation started. I may try an Alpha down the road, as this has no seam. As with any saddle, your mileage may vary.
This is the Saddle for Me
Chuck Pourciau (Shreveport, LA) 12/29/2009 8:30 AM
I just started riding this year. After conditioning my seat on a cheap saddle, I decided to purchase a better one. I am 6'3" and 220 pounds, and I wanted a saddle that provided both comfort and performance. I bought the prs Century. My first ride with the saddle was a 50 miler. I never felt uncomfortable. Due to weather and an injury, I was unable to ride for a month. When I got back on the bike, it was like I had never been off. The prs Century is the saddle for me. Thanks, Koobi.
Huh? I am riding a Koobi Century?
Andy (Near Chicago) 12/17/2009 8:05 AM
I have two of these saddles--one for my road bike and one for my touring (commuting) bike. I tend to forget about my saddle these days. There is no pain to remind me of my saddle choice. I put on somewhere north of a hundred and fifty miles a week in the spring/summer/fall, so I am not riding a lot of miles. But the Koobi Century makes those miles a pleasure. I had one problem with the saddle last year. I was getting a squeaking noise from the nose of the saddle. I emailed Koobi and had an answer the next day. I added a few drops of dry (chain) lube to the place where the rails went into the nose and the noise went away immediately. Good saddle, good company. If I need another saddle, I will come back here and ignore everything else. These saddles work!
PRS Century Clyde Friendly
Anonymous (Unknown) 7/1/2009 11:27 PM
I was looking for a performance road saddle that would stay as comfortable in the last hours of a mile century as in the first. The PRS Century does just that! Best of all, as an avid cyclist who tips the scales at 275 lbs., it is "clyde friendly." On top of that Koobi provides outstanding tech and service support! They don't just talk about it. -- Jack in Santa Rosa CA
Well built and very comfortable
Anonymous (Unknown) 5/31/2009 8:58 PM
I recently replaced my Koobi classic saddle with a PRS Century. The classic was perfect while I was getting back into cycling. It was orders of magnitude more comfortable than my stock saddle and after 4 years of use, showed little wear. But as my fitness increased, I found it caused chafing on long 5+ hour rides. The PRS Century is a huge improvement - slightly narrower and fits me perfectly. The build quality also appears to be better - not that the classic was poor but the PRS Century just seems put together with more attention to detail - absolutely no flaws whatsoever. I was worried that the PRS system would be a gimmick. I clearly is not. It noticeably smoothes out the chip & seal roads that I frequent. So far I've ridden several centuries on the PRS saddle and am totally satisfied with the product.
This saddle worked for me
Anonymous (Unknown) 12/18/2008 10:12 AM
After trying a variety of other saddles and being unhappy, I got the Koobi Century a week before the 08 Triple Bypass (120 miles & 10000' climbing). Did a couple of short 1 hr rides at lunch that week and found a lot less pressure and numbness than my previous best saddle, so I took the chance on my new Koobi for the triple, which was probably my hardest day ride ever. Did not go numb at all during the long ride, and at that time it was the best saddle I've ever ridden on. Since then I tried an ISM adamo that a friend lent me, and my verdict is still out on whether I prefer the Adamo or my century, so that is why I give 4 not 5. I woudl not hesitate to recommend the Centruy to people, and Koobi's excellent return policy gives you the confidence to try at low financial risk.
PRS Century
Anonymous (Unknown) 9/14/2008 11:41 AM
I have had my PRS Century on my primary bike since last May. I have logged over 1800 miles on that bike since adding this saddle. My other bike has a Selle Italia Flite. Due to some wheel issues I have been riding the "Sella" bike for a couple of weeks. The seat is, very apparently, less comfortable than the PRS Century. I have grown accustomed to the saddle as being a non-issue. I guess I'll have to buy another PRS for my second bike.
Anonymous (Unknown) 8/23/2008 10:11 PM
After trying several saddles from minimalist to more "comfort" saddles, the Century is about as comfortable as it can get for me. From 1 hour rides to centuries, it keeps its comfort. At first I loved with the shape immediately. The down turned nose prevents any short snagging when going from standing back to seated. The full split makes it easily the most comfortable I have ever been in the drops. I questioned if the PRS elastomers provided any benefit until the Copper Triangle had 5 miles of dirt road and I could definitely tell it was sucking up a lot of the "noise" and jarring action. My search is done and I will be buying Koobi's for any saddle purchase from here on. Ditto on the great customer service everyone else raves about too.
Awesome Saddle and Service
Anonymous (Unknown) 8/18/2008 6:59 PM
When I realized it was time to retire my 5 year old AU Enduro, I was ready to just order a new one. Instead I asked for Phil's advice. We have exchanged some emails over the years and have never met. However, he has a good sense for what will best carry these old bones and recommended the PRS Century. Figuring that I could always take advantage of he 30 guarentee and Koobi's minimal shipping charges, I ordered it. Am I ever happy I heeded the advice. After a quick break in, the saddle has proven to be as comfortable as the AU Enduro although a bit firmer. The sleeker geometry allows for freer leg movement meanind the pedal speed is increased. Great comfort and a faster ride, you just can't beat it. Alan C., Ashland, MA
Best Performance/Comfort Ratio
Anonymous (Unknown) 7/31/2008 6:06 PM
I own many saddles that have failed to make the grade and been retired due to lack of comfort. Many saddles seem good during the moderate length rides but throw in a couple of long rides and I'm back shopping again. The Century is the perfect blend of comfort and performance for a rider like myself who while never going to make the Tour still manages to put in 2-300km/week. If you still have feeling in your sit bones, I'd recommend the Century before it's too late. Aside from the saddle quality...Phil and the rest provide incredible service.