Interbike 2007 Report

Koobi's Interbike 2007 Report - Friday

Interbike Photo - Cervelo Booth Cervelo Booth

Interbike Photo - Kirklee Custom Carbon Frame Kirklee Custom Carbon Frame

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Interbike Photo - XT Drivetrain XT Drivetrain

Interbike 2007 Exhibit – Our Last Day

On our last day at the expo we determined to systematically cover the floor. This turned out to be a good strategy since there were numerous interesting companies hidden in the corners. There is a good combination products from companies large and small in today’s report. Check out Friday's Gallery for a visual tour.

Interbike 2007 Expo – Random Impressions

Shimano was promoting their new XT components for mountain biking. They have distinguished and consolidated the XTR line to be specific to racing while freeing the XT components from being the less expensive version of XTR. This is a huge effort to re-brand XT into a line of components that is suited to a wide range of mountain bike applications.

Shimano’s new Dura-Ace drive train was also generating interest. This promises to be the lightest high performance road group Shimano has ever produced.

Carbon too sexy.  Everywhere you turn in the expo you see a new bike or component that is made of carbon. With its light weight and performance it has become the new material of choice. The down side is that when carbon fibers are damaged they loose mechanical integrity. For this reason the pendulum will eventually swing away from carbon for some of the more exposed applications.

Single speed bikes have been gaining momentum for the past few years. Single speed bikes started with the retro group but have expanded into the mainstream. Training on a single speed enhances your strength and skill by forcing you to pedal hard and conserve momentum. We are now seeing single speed bikes from all of the major manufacturers and countless mid to small sized companies. Even Pinarello has introduced single speed bikes optimized for the road.

Interbike 2007 Expo – Concepts On Display

Traditionally industry trade shows have been the venue of choice for revealing new and interesting concepts that are not quite ready for production. The automobile industry is famous for having cars that are one-off designs that are on display to see what reaction they get from the people and the press. At Interbike there were “Concept Bikes” from Thick Bikes, Calfee and others, and “Concept” components from various manufacturers. Also at Interbike and at the larger Eurobike “Concept Saddles” and production saddle models from various manufacturers have emerged that feature relief areas that mimic Koobi’s 9 year old design. From the beginning our research and testing demonstrated the optimal relief area; the rest of the industry is approaching what we have known for years.

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