Interbike 2007 Report

Koobi's Interbike 2007 Report - Thursday

Interbike Photo - Calfee Bamboo 29er
Calfee Bamboo 29er

Interbike Photo - Orbea Time Trial Bike
Orbea Time Trial Bike

Interbike Photo - Pinarello Single Speeds
Pinarello Single Speeds

Interbike Photo - Profile Design Wetsuits
Profile Design Wetsuits

Interbike 2007 International Expo

One of my first impressions of the indoor expo was “this is huge”. There were more than 1000 brands represented from all over the world. With a few notable exceptions, everyone in the bike business was represented in the indoor expo.

Interbike 2007 Expo – Missing In Action

With Cannondale’s huge presence at the Outdoor Demo it was surprising to note that they did not have a booth at the expo. I was looking forward to getting a better look at their latest offerings.

Trek was another surprising no-show in the expo, even more so since they had a minimal showing at the Outdoor Demo. I’m sure they have their reasons, but I thought it was a disappointing omission.

Although Specialized had a booth in the Expo, I did not see a tent in the Outdoor Demo.

Interbike 2007 Expo – Random Impressions

SRAM had one of the most impressive booths at the show. The booth seemed to glow with lights, color and activity. SRAM displayed a good variety of their product line and there was particular interest in their new road group.

Triathlon bikes and equipment had a strong showing. From the profile design wetsuits to a variety of aerodynamically designed bikes and components triathletes are making their presence known. With the triathlete’s demand for light weight and efficiency this is a positive driving force for innovation that will benefit cyclists on and off road and the whole cycling industry.

Food, food, food. I couldn’t believe how many booths were promoting some sort of food product. There were energy gels, energy bars, recovery bars, powders, Red Bull knockoffs and even a jello supplement. From Gatorade, Cliff Bar, Power Bar, CytoMax, Gu, and Accelerade there were a dizzying array of brands and products.

Specialized had a very strange fortress for a booth that reminded me of the Alamo. It was relatively small and had a wall around it. The only way in was through two small openings that had guards armed with badge scanners. Inside there was not too much that you wouldn’t see at your corner Specialized dealer. But there were numerous “No Photos” signs. What kind of message is the company that claims to be #1 in the industry trying to send us?

Interbike 2007 Expo – Gallery Highlights

Stan’s NoTubes has expanded into the road market. This important development gives road cyclists the same advantage of healing tires that mountain biker have been enjoying. I observed and photographed a demonstration of spikes puncturing road tires and then healing. Check out the pictures, this is awesome.

The most unusual bikes in the expo were Calfee’s array of light weight concept bikes. There were two that were made of bamboo (pictured here) and one made of carbon strands.  In spite of their appearance, these bikes are 100% functional. In addition to the concept bikes Calfee featured more standard carbon designs.

We also captured a true relic with wooden wheels, wooden fenders, and a Brooks saddle. I could not have devised a better way to illustrate the outdated design of Brooks Saddles than to show it with concurrent bike technology. If you are riding wooden rims, then Brooks may be the saddle for you. This bike also appeared to be 100% functional.

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