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Elements Of Comfort - Bicycle Saddle Dimensions

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Bicycle Saddle Width

In recent years, saddle width has been promoted as the “key to comfort”. In reality, width is only one of numerous elements of comfort.

The bony part of your pelvis that you feel when you sit on a hard chair is called the Ischial Tuberosity. We call them “sit bones”. These bone protrusions are your point of connection with your bicycle seat. Sit bone widths vary by individual, and by gender. For people of the same height, a woman’s sit bones are typically wider than a man’s.  Choosing your perfect fit will take into account your anatomy and accommodate to changes in your riding position throughout your ride.

Choosing Your Bicycle Saddle Width

If a saddle is too narrow, your sit bones won’t be supporting your weight and you’ll feel like you are straddling a horizontal pipe. If the saddle is too wide, it will chafe your thighs.

Saddle width is getting a lot of attention these days, with custom measurements offered at escalating prices. This may be an unnecessary marketing hype, since research shows that ninety percent of the population will fall into a sit-bone spread ranging only about 15mm. The stores that emphasize exact measurements are selling the same saddles to most of their customers anyway, at a higher price.

Keep in mind that ideal saddle width is a range, rather than an exact dimension. Koobi saddles are designed with a fairly wide platform and narrow nose, which is comfortable for the vast majority of riders. To give you a general guideline, if your waist measures 33”, Koobi will fit you with a 146mm saddle; a waistline of 36 would use a 155mm. Since each Koobi saddle is built to order, you always get a custom fit with a satisfaction guarantee.

Bicycle Seat Length

Over the past 100 years, saddle length has seen a lot of change. (Remember the banana seat on the 1970’s Sting Ray?) In the past 20 years, conventional seat length has settled into an average 27 cm. The length of the saddle can vary slightly for specific applications, such as triathlon saddles or woman’s saddles, but still stays close to the average.

More Elements Of Bicycle Saddle Comfort

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