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Elements Of Comfort - Bicycle Saddle Relief Area

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Koobi Tri Showing Relief Area

Bicycle Saddle Relief Area - The Concept

Research, testing, and common sense all confirm that the contact points on a bicycle saddle have a significant impact on comfort. The human anatomy was designed to sit on the ischial tuberosity, commonly called the sit bones. A well designed saddle will support the rider’s weight on their sit bones and minimize the amount of weight carried by the soft tissue region. Our testing has shown that a center-forward relief area in the bicycle saddle is the most effective means to reduce soft tissue pressure.

Bicycle Saddle Relief Area - In the Beginning

Soft tissue relief is one of the primary missions of Koobi technology. Our research indicates that the optimal location for a cutout is the center of the saddle going forward. When we did our original design, testing, and patent application in 1997/1998 only two other companies focused on relief areas. A theory circulated that pressure on soft tissue could lead to impotence. Curiously, both companies placed their cutouts in the center or in the rear of the saddle, which really wouldn’t help the situation.

Bicycle Saddle Relief Area - The Evolution

Consistent with the “survival of the fittest” theory, once saddle designers decided to incorporate a cut out, they have experimented with positions, moving the cut outs forward over the years.

For example, a strong marketing company that specializes in bicycle components as well as the manufacturer Selle Italia both started with a doctor-recommended relief area in the rear. Over the past ten years they have gradually moved the relief area forward.

Coincidently, they have landed on the position that Koobi introduced ten years ago and still believes to be ideal. Two companies have even flattered us with knock-offs of the Koobi original nose cut out design. Selle SMP & ISM currently peddle a low quality but extremely high priced copy of the Koobi model.

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