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How to Choose a Bike Saddle

Elements of a Comfortable Bicycle Seat

The Rider

All cyclists are not alike, so it stands to reason that one bicycle seat will not feel comfortable for every body. The search for a “perfect fit” takes into consideration:

  • Your gender
  • Your weight
  • Hours per week of riding
  • Type of biking: mountain, road, time trial

One size doesn’t fit all. The components of the well-designed bicycle seat will allow for variations in riders.

How To Choose a Bike Saddle Video Series

Introduction to Elements of Comfort for How to Choose a Bike Saddle

Bike Saddle Function

A well-designed bicycle saddle supports your body weight while you pedal, balance and steer. When you hit a bump, everything beneath you should flex or compress: the saddle cover material, the foam, the base and the rails. If all of the elements do their job, the bicycle saddle will absorb the energy in the bump instead of transferring it to you. It’s how those components work together that brings you optimum comfort.

Comfortable Bicycle Seat - Bike Saddle Design Elements

The following articles explain how each component of a bike seat contributes to overall comfort.

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Koobi is dedicated to improving bike saddle technology to provide an optimum cycling experience for a wide range of riders. Men and women, road and mountain bike riders, and triathletes - anyone can find an ideal fit.