Bicycle Seat Technology

Set-up of a Koobi Saddle

Mounting Your Bicycle Saddle

prs bike saddle mounted Mount your bicycle saddle level with the nose dropped 1 to 10 degrees. The best method to find optimal saddle location is to go for several short rides taking whatever tools are necessary to adjust your saddle and seat post. You may need to adjust seat post height up or down, the degree of the angle of the nose either greater or lesser, or adjust the saddle either forward or backwards.

Koobi saddles are designed to carry your body weight on your seat bones. Most bicycle saddles distribute your weight using your seat bones and your soft tissue. With Koobi’s different and unique design of distributing your weight, you will need to allow several rides for your body to adjust to the distribution of weight on your seat bones.

Bicycle Saddle "Break-in"

The Koobi bicycle saddles have a highly durable heavy leather cover. During the first few rides, the saddle will feel noticeably firm like a new leather shoe. Over time, the leather will soften and conform to your body's shape.