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Road Bike Saddles vs. Mountain Bike Saddles

triathlon saddles triathlon saddles We are often asked “What’s a good Road Bike Saddle “ or” what’s a good Mountain Bike Saddle” or” What’s your best saddle for triathlon training”? So what’s really the difference?

Road Bike Saddles vs. Mountain Bike Saddles

First lets talk about Road vs. Mountain. Generally speaking a saddle that fits you well on your road bike will also fit you well on your mountain bike. From a fit & comfort standpoint these 2 applications can be interchanged. What typically are different on a Road vs. Mountain saddle are cosmetic or durability features of the saddle. For example a saddle that is sold as a mountain saddle may have such features as Kevlar edging, so if you fall the part of the saddle most like to hit the ground has the tear resistant fabric of Kevlar. There may even by a plastic bumper on the edge. They typically have darker colored covers. Saddles marketed as “road” may or may not have these features. But again from a ride /comfort / fit stand point these. Saddles are interchangeable.

So what about Triathlon Saddles?

Triathlon bike saddles have their own unique demands. For a detailed description, see our article on Triathlon Saddles.