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Triathlon Saddles

Triathletes have unique demands on their saddle since they typically ride in the aero position. Koobi’s solution for triathletes is a triathlon saddle with a relief area running the full length of the saddle. This allows a greater flow of blood while sitting in the far forward, aero position.

Triathlon Saddles - Riding Aero

Triathletes sit up on the nose of the saddle while in the aero position. A well-designed triathlon saddle has a host of features that among other things allows the cyclist to sit on their "sit bones" while cycling. The triathlete’s far forward riding position makes it difficult for the sit bones to carry much weight. Typically they are sitting on their groin area and to a lesser extent on their sit bones. A number of companies have come up with different solutions to help out the triathlete. The most common solution is to have a saddle with a big fat nose. So while the triathlete is sitting way up on the nose of the saddle he has this big cushion. The main downside of this solution is that as the ride gets longer eventually the blood to this region is cut off.


Triathlon Saddles - Mounting

Even with a well designed triathlon saddle, triathletes may experience problems due to improper mounting. For triathletes, mounting your saddle with the nose down is especially critical for proper weight distribution between your aero handlebars, pedals, and saddle. See our article on mounting your bike seat for more details.

Bike Saddles for Triathletes

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