Triathlon Bike Saddles

Koobi Lineup of Triathlon Bike Saddles

triathlon bike saddles
The T1 transition from swim to bike
introduces unique demands on your saddle.

Koobi's New Saddles for the Tri Market

Koobi offers 4 triathlon saddles that will meet the needs of the “newbie” all the way to the seasoned Ironman finisher. All 4 models carry Koobi’s original full nose relief area that has grown in popularity. TRI models are covered with Lycra that is superb for shedding water as the triathlete begins the cycling phase. Ti rails are used to keep performance high and weight low.

These 4 triathlon saddles continue Koobi’s tradition of Comfort = Speed.

Koobi PRS TRI-T1

Koobi PRS TRI-T1
The new Koobi PRS TRI-T1 (328 grams) combines the gel, Lycra and medium padding of the original TRI saddle with our state of the art PRS tunable suspension. For triathletes looking for a saddle with generous comfort and a custom built PRS ride, this is the whole enchilada.

Koobi TRI Sprint

Koobi Tri Sprint
The new Koobi Tri Sprint (239 grams) is a firmly padded version of the original TRI with no gel; perfect for the seasoned triathlete who prefers a bit firmer ride and less weight.

Koobi TRI

Koobi Tri
The original Koobi Tri (257 grams) remains the same with its medium padding plus gel and is well suited for the competitor who wants a modest level of padding, balancing comfort with moderate saddle weight.

Koobi TRI Stratus

Koobi Tri
Soft as a cloud, the new Koobi Tri Stratus (288 grams) has a generous amount of softer padding plus gel. This saddle was test marketed in 2007 under the name of “Soft TRI,” and was a huge success. It is ideal for triathletes who want maximum padding and maximum soft tissue relief.