AU Enduro

AU Enduro

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The endurance saddle. Beautifully styled but built to last. Kevlar edging with 20% more padding than the Xenon.

  • 259 grams

  • Medium padding

  • 155 mm width

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Is it a Race-horse or a Work-horse? You decide. We increased the volume of padding by 20% and reduced the density of the padding by 18% as compared to the firm-rated Xenon. The medium padded AU Enduro bridges the gap between a touring saddle and a lightweight racing saddle. Ideal for riders cycling 3-6 hours per week. Add lightweight Mang rails and it weighs in at 259 grams. Koobi’s patented Splitfit Technology ensures comfort and adds a new streamlined shape, including a thinner nose. Made in Italy, the AU Enduro offers the same high-quality workmanship and style as the Xenon.