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Lightweight, high performance saddle with exquisite styling.

  • 239 grams

  • Firm padding

  • 153 mm width

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The Xenon is the flagship of all performance saddles today. It is lightweight, beautifully crafted, with cutting-edge technology. This saddle is perfect for the rider who will accept nothing but the best. With firm padding and lightweight Ti  rails, it weighs in at just 239 grams. Koobi′s patented Splitfit Technology ensures comfort and adds a streamlined shape, including a thinner nose, to make it a premium performance saddle.

Made in Italy, the Xenon offers incredible workmanship and style. Featuring a handcrafted top, custom-stitching, and an innovative rail mount system. Firm padding , ideal for medium and large cyclist riding greater then 6 hours per week.

Riders exceeding 200 pounds are encouraged to choose the 10% stronger manganese rail.