PRS Enduro

PRS Enduro

from 219.95

Combines the highly successful Au Enduro with the PRS technology. Ideal for cyclists riding 3-6 hours per week.

  • Custom built

  • 319 grams

  • Women's model available

  • Medium padding

  • 150 mm width

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Koobi brings breakthrough tunable suspension to the hugely popular AU Enduro. By combining the medium padded Au Enduro with PRS technology, the applications of this saddle are limitless: Road, off-road, cyclecross and even tri cyclists will benefit from this saddle. Women will find this saddle's tunability outstanding given their unique body types. Available in black/gray with Kevlar edge. Width is 150 mm (5 7/8").For cyclist riding 3-6 hours week. Durable medium thick leather cover requires 15 hour break in.

Our PRS line of saddles feature breakthrough "tunable suspension." Below the cover and padding is our state of the art "tunable suspension." The Koobi PRS line of saddles are easily customizable to your personal riding style using elastomer spring technology. 

Each saddle comes with 1 of 5 sets of elastomer springs: extra soft (white), soft (yellow), medium (red), firm (blue) and very firm (black) offering up to 4/10 inch of travel.