PRS Century

PRS Century


This saddle is ideal for cyclists who aspire to ride more than 6 hours per week and are not conditioned to a firm saddle.

  • Custom built

  • Titanium rails

  • 299 grams

  • Women's Model Available

  • Firm less 10% padding

  • 146 mm width

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The PRS Century is between the PRS Alpha and the PRS Enduro. The padding is 10% less firm than our PRS Alpha and features the Soft-Lite cover.

This saddle is ideal for cyclists who aspire to increase their mileage beyond 6 hours per week, but are not yet conditioned to a firmly padded saddle. With the Soft-Lite cover cyclists can now enjoy the benefits of firm padding while riding a saddle that is soft to the touch. One hour break in.

Our PRS line of saddles feature breakthrough "tunable suspension." Below the cover and padding is our state of the art "tunable suspension." PRS saddles are easily customizable to your personal riding style using elastomer spring technology.  

When a traditional saddle encounters road bumps ,the foam compresses, the base flexes and the rails flex. The limitation of this dated design is "one size fits all." Actually the "one size fits all" is for a 220 lb. person. The greater your actual weight varies from this 220 lbs. the stiffer the ride. Manufactures compensate for this stiffness by building with ever softer foam, which has a tendency to collapse during a ride. The rate of collapse is based on the riders weight, the density of the foam, the length of the ride and the age of the saddle. By building a saddle that gains comfort from a base that is correctly tuned to the riders weight, the limitations of collapsing foam is avoided.

On a glass smooth road, what you feel is the firmness and shape of the saddle. As roughness is encountered, the elastomer suspension absorbs the bumps energy, reducing fatigue to your sit bones, lower back, shoulders and neck. Width of 146 mm (5 3/4").Firm padding , Manganese rails, women's model available. For the cyclist consistently riding over 6 hours per week.

Each saddle comes with 1 of 5 sets of elastomer springs: extra soft (white), soft (yellow), medium (red), firm (blue) extra firm (black) offering up to 4/10 inch of travel. Koobi custom builds each saddle, installing the correct elastomer for your body weight.